Human, maker, creator,speaker, traveler, seeker, friend, daughter, sister, philosopher, student, yogini, hiker, dancer, figure-maker, connector, writer, storyteller, cloth worker, person of the cloth, maker of things, planter, seed producer, self seeker, co-creator, singer, weed-eater, gravel spreader, flower planter, mystic, meditator, director, artist, spiritual director, puppet maker.... to be continued.

For 30 years, I made my living as an artist, doing shows Nationally, and Internationally. After years of hauling carpet, booth, lights, panels, drapes, sonotubes, and other heavy stuff, plus making figurative fabric sculpture , I no longer participate in shows to present the cloth figures that I have made for so many years. Now, I create commission pieces for people who would like to have pieces, and I create in other ways. I create sanctuary for people in beautiful places. I work in Arts in Medicine, and I am passionate about how the Arts intersect with healing in every media.

I speak on cruise ships, about topics that I am passionate about, and I travel to sacred places to explore mysteries of ancient people. I love my life, and I am grateful to be alive in this time.


Resume and Bio